Um eine Ausbildung an unserer Schule beginnen zu können, müssen folgende Voraussetzungen erfüllt werden:

  • mindestens erfolgreicher Abschluss der Mittelschule (bzw. Hauptschule)
  • gesundheitliche Eignung
  • ausreichende Beherrschung der deutschen Sprache
  • Bestehen der Eignungsprüfung


To begin a training course at our school, the following requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • at least successful graduation of a German „Mittelschule“ (formerly „Hauptschule“) or an equivalent of foreign school education (at least 9 years duration).
  • health aptitude
  • sufficient command of the German language (level B1/B2 of GER)
  • successful passing of our aptitude test


To be accepted at our school, you don’t need to have the German nationality, yet of course you need a residence permit. If you pass our entry exam we can send you a confirmation with which you can apply for a temporary residence permit at your German embassy, refering to section 16b of the German Residence Act:

Section 16b – Further education

(1) For the purpose of full-time studies at a state or state-recognised university or a comparable educational institution, a foreigner is granted a temporary residence permit if he or she has been accepted by the educational institution. Residence for study purposes also extends to measures to prepare for studies and compulsory training. Measures to prepare for studies are

1.  attending a language course to prepare for studies, if the foreigner has been accepted for full-time studies and the acceptance depends on the foreigner attending the preparatory language course, and

2.  attending a preparatory or comparable course prior to studying, if the foreigner can prove that he or she has been accepted for the preparatory or comparable course.


Although our school is no „university or a comparable educational institution“, our training programmes are accepted as preparatory courses prior to studying (see section 16b). This assessment is based on section 2 of our „Schulordnung“ which says: „Die Ausbildung dient gleichzeitig der Vorbereitung auf die Eignungsprüfung zur Aufnahme an einer Hochschule für Musik.“ = „The training serves also as preparation for the entry exams at a university of music.“